Friday, July 23, 2010

Keeping the Little Ones Safe

Who knew that when we bought a baby gate all those years ago when Beth was born, that we'd still have it.  We've gotten rid of practically every other baby item we ever had, but that gate has come in handy over the years.

I can't even remember what we used it for when the kids were little.  We didn't have stairs in our house, so we didn't need it for that.  We do have stairs in this house, so stairway gates would have been really important if the kids had been babies here.  But Cory was already 5 when we moved here.  We have used it over the years when little people have come to visit, and we used it as a pet gate when Tillie was really little.  It didn't take her long to learn to get over it, though - first climbing it and then just jumping right over.  So we gave up on that.

I'm sure they make better child safety gates nowadays, but the one we've had all these years has done a good job for us.  Will I trust it when it comes time for the grandkids to visit (years from now)?  That might be the time to check out KidSafe to learn more about what's available and see if I need something safer - or just something that opens easily so I don't have to step over it like I do now.  Because, when I'm old enough to be a grandma, I might not be able to so easily.

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  1. I bought a ton of child gates at and assessed where I'd need them like: at my baby's nursery door, across "forbidden" rooms and I even created a baby play coral with a full gate in a circle and toys inside. Those gates really destressed my life and made it so much easier to get stuff done around the house and have more fun when friends came to visit. I still use several of them for my dog, so child gates are great for other purposes too for sure!


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