Thursday, July 22, 2010

Care Packages Made Easy

Remember care packages?  Those boxes full of goodies from home when you were away at summer camp or college?  It was always so exciting to get one and fun for everyone in the dorm because, of course, care packages are to be shared.

Now that my son is getting ready to go off to college, I guess that makes me the mom, the one who gets to put together care packages full of special things from home.  Or I could just pay the Residence Hall Association to do it for me.  That's right, for a fee, they will send care packages to my student 'at the most important times during the school year' - so I don't have to do it.  All I have to do is select the packages I want to send him, write a personal message for each package on the back of the enclosed cards, and pay for my order.  Instant care packages!

The packages are full of all kinds of snacks and munchies - candy, cookies, popcorn, chips, etc. - but the only personal touch is the little enclosed card.  None of the student's favorite things from home.  No homemade cookies.  Nothing different from what the room-mate gets - so no need to share, I guess.  I suppose a care package like this is better than no care package at all, but I think I'd rather put together my own.  They're aiming for 100% parent participation, but I don't think they're gonna get it.

Of course, since Cory is going to school only about 15 miles away and will probably be home on the weekends at least every once in a while, I doubt I'll be mailing him anything either.  I'll just put together stuff he'll enjoy and send it back to school with him when he goes.  I think he'll still know I care.

What do you think?