Monday, August 02, 2010

I Guess He's Not Supposed to

A few weeks ago the National Honor Society was sponsoring a blood drive at the high school.  So, Jeffrey, Cory and I all went to donate.  When we got there, Cory realized that he had left his wallet at home - meaning he had no blood donor card and no ID.  We asked if they could just take our word for it that he was who he said he was, but the lady at the check-in desk said no.  So, Jeffrey and Cory went home to get Cory's wallet.  Cory could have gone by himself, but we took Jeffrey's car, and the kids don't drive his car.  I rarely drive that car.

While they were gone, I went ahead with my donation - answering all the questions, checking my iron, etc.  I was in the middle of donating when Cory came over and told me that he didn't get to donate after all.  After all that running back home to get his ID, he found out when he came back that he had 11 days left before he could donate again.  He had donated dual reds that last time and had to wait 16 weeks between instead of the usual 8.  And, if the lady had looked him up in the first place, and asked him a couple questions to verify his identity, he would have already known that before the guys ran home - and they wouldn't have had to do it.

Then, today, Cory had to go do some paperwork and take a blood test so he can work at the State Fair again this year.  While he was up that way, he figured it would be a good time to donate.  So he made an appointment and went - but he didn't get to give dual reds, because the lady had trouble getting the needle in his vein, and then it must not have been in right because when they started putting the saline in, it hurt.  So they had to stop, and instead of giving dual reds, he just donated a pint of whole blood - which isn't a bad thing, just not what he was wanting to do.