Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Lost Weasley Tonight

Nobody tell, Cory, OK?  I'm sure he would kill us if he came home from the movies with his friends and found out we lost his cat.

Jeffrey and I were eating dinner on the deck this evening, when Jeffrey went in to get seconds.  When he opened the door, Weasley rushed out.  The little guy used to lay right in the doorway but make no move to get out no matter how many times we went in and out.  We just had to step over him.  Lately he's decided an open door is an open invitation to him - to go outside.  So he went out, and I didn't immediately grab him, so when Jeffrey came back out, Weasley dashed under the deck before he could grab him and make him go back in.  And then he wouldn't come out again - or he would come out, but as soon as we looked in his direction, he'd dash back under the deck so we couldn't make him go inside.

I figured he'd come out eventually and went in the house to wash the dishes, and Jeffrey went to talk to the neighbors or something.  I guess Weasley came out from under the deck, spotted a bird and chased after it,  and ended up a couple yards over.  So Jeffrey went after him and got him back into our yard - and back under the deck, where he holed up and wouldn't come out.

Jeffrey reinforced the lattice under the deck, trying to block all holes so there was only one way Weasley could get in or out, and then we  waited and tried to coax him out, all to no avail.  Finally, Jeffrey decided he didn't want to wait any more and started hosing the deck down to get Weasley to come out.  And come out he did!  He found a hole Jeffrey had missed and streaked out from under the deck and off to the neighbors' yard again.  It was almost completely dark by then, and we had no idea where he'd gone.  We went out with flashlights to look, but we couldn't find him.  He could have been anywhere.

So we came back home and hoped he'd come back on his own.  I was just hoping he wasn't too freaked out by the water and hadn't gone too far to find his way home and thinking that he may be a little brat, but I'd miss his little face and fuzzy self.  And he did, he made his way home and wanted back in.  It took a bit to coax him in, because he didn't want to let Jeffrey get anywhere near him, but he's home now - and he's not going out again any time soon.
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  1. My sister's cat sneaks out a lot and ends up at the house within two- three days, but my boyfriend's cat was gone for two weeks. Make signs and set up humanitarian traps.

  2. Glad he came back it would be worrying not knowing what happened to him

  3. Oh wow ..that was a job to grab ahold of him...I'm glad he's back though...:) and nooooo I won't tell Cory ssssssshhhhhhhh


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