Monday, August 23, 2010

One Week

Next Monday is move-in day, the day Cory moves into his college dorm and begins life as a college student.  Jeffrey is going to take the day off so we can load up the van with all his stuff, take him over there and help him get all moved in.  There's also a dorm meeting for the parents sometime during the day, so we'll have to go to that and maybe learn a thing or two about what to expect and how things are supposed to work.

And then, we'll leave him there and come home without him.  And it will be just the two of us - at least until he comes home for the weekend, which will probably be the following weekend since it's Labor Day weekend.

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  1. Oh, wow. Seeing your baby boy off to college. Pack tissues for the ride home. My daughter start's tenth grade this year and I'm already packing extra tissues just thinking about college. Good luck!


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