Wednesday, August 04, 2010

CSN Stores - So Many Choices

Remember my CSN Stores giveaway?  I had the biggest response I've ever had to a giveaway on this blog, and one lucky reader won a $60 gift card to use at one of the 200+ CSN Stores. 

Well, now the nice folks at CSN Stores have offered to let me choose one of the many, many products available through those 200+ stores - and they'll send it to me for review.  How cool is that?  Hopefully I will be able to decide on something.  There really are so many things to choose from.  So.  Many.

I'm wondering if I should get Cory something he'll need for his dorm room or just get something for me.  And if I get something for me, should it be something practical or something just for fun?  You see, those CSN Stores have it all at.  If you need a lamp or a bedroom vanity, they've got those.  How about shoes or purses?  Yep, those too!  And frying pans and cutlery sets.  They even have flooring and appliances. 

You see my problem?

Maybe some cocktail tumblers? 

Or a nice address plaque to add to the house once we get the new siding?

Or shoes, because, well - shoes.  Need I say more?

Whatever will I choose?  You can hardly wait to find out, huh?  Yeah, me too!


  1. i think you get something for you! you did the work. or something for those Kitty cats you love so much

  2. I had such a hard time deciding, too. I ended up with frying pans (which I love!) but next time, I'm getting a new purse!

  3. As I have been looking for a wall clock that was a bit different I like the Ashton Sutton Contessa Wall Clock and might go for that.


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