Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Should Breastfeeding be Required?

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I heard on GMA this morning that supermodel Gisele Bundchen thinks breastfeeding should be required by law.  Apparently a lot of people already heard this because there's already been quite a bit of discussion on the topic.  I'm going to say right here that I breastfed both my babies, and I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would choose not to.  It's a whole lot more convenient, definitely costs a lot less - and is so much better for the baby.  I think breastfeeding should be the norm.  It should be expected, encouraged, and supported.  Let's also point out that breastfeeding burns more calories than being pregnant and is a big help in losing that baby weight.  That ought to get a few new moms on board.

A lot of women are chiming in with all these reasons why they couldn't breastfeed their babies and telling Gisele to just butt out.  If that's really true, that breastfeeding was impossible for these mothers and the only choice they had was to give their babies formula, then fine, that's what they had to do.  No law would have made it any different.  I don't think they have to worry, anyway.  A society that allows women to kill unwanted babies just because they haven't been born yet - because what a woman wants to do with her body is more important than the welfare of the baby - is not going to tell her what to do with her body after a baby is born. 

I do believe that women who are on Welfare or State Aid or WIC or any kind of government supported program should be required to at least give breastfeeding a serious try - before the government has to start paying the high cost of formula.  Throwing away or disregarding something you already have and then expecting someone to pay to replace it, with something inferior, is just wrong.

What do you think?  Breastfeeding or formula, and why?
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  1. I tried to breastfeed, but was unable to due to the size of my breasts. It was a latching on problem, not a milk problem. I did, however, pump for three months (or longer) for each kid. I would have done it longer, but my milk dried up, again, because of the size of my breasts. (they were so big, wearing a bra was like binding them, which dries up milk supply) If I had been able, I would have breastfed until they were 1, but I didn't have that option. Do I think I should go to jail for that? Absolutely not.

    Oh, and I am one of those women who were on WIC. My husband and I both worked, but we still struggled financially. Sometimes, even working couples need help.

  2. Breastfeeding is the way to go. I fed my 3 for about 6 months and it made me so proud to feel it was all "me" that had "grown" them!

    It wasn't always easy as I had sore nipples, engorgement and mastitis, but I soldiered on.

    It's best for baby with all the right balance of nutrients and antibodies, and best for Mum as it helps with bonding, regaining figure and saves all the hassle of washing and sterilizing bottles!

    I feel sad when I see Mums giving up at the first hurdle :(


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