Thursday, August 19, 2010

Because Sometimes a Car Needs a Little Work

What do you do if your car isn't running right?  Do you have a mechanic or garage you always go to?  Or are you looking through the phone book trying to find somewhere to take it?

We've been taking our cars to a little shop not too far from here for several years now.  We've had brakes and water pumps fixed, and a new catalytic converter put on the Buick.  I can't even remember how we found this place, but I'm really glad we did.  He does good work, and his prices are really reasonable - and it doesn't hurt that the shop is close so it's easy to drop off and pick up the cars when we need to.  I just found out that the guy who runs the shop lives right here in town, too.

If haven't found a mechanic you like yet, RepairPal might be able to help.  You can search for auto repair shops in your area by searching by city, state (for instance, search for Chicago auto repair) or zip code.  Or you can search by make of car, so if you need your Toyota Corolla  repaired,  you can find a mechanic who specializes in that car.  Then, you can get more information about your local auto repair shops and even read customer reviews to help you choose the right one for you.

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