Thursday, August 19, 2010

Be Rewarded with WeReward

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of WeReward. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you have an iPhoneWeReward?  Droid?  Blackberry?  Then I think you'll want to check out the WeReward app from IZEA.  From what I hear there are all kinds of apps for these phones, but this is one app that can actually make you some money.  It sounds like a lot of fun.  There are tasks to complete and places to go, and a lot of them are probably things you're doing anyway.  So why not earn a little money while you're doing it?

To get started you just need to download WeReward for iPhone from iTunes, link it to one of your social networks like facebook or twitter, and then you can start earning points.  Each point is worth a penny, and there are a lot of opportunites to earn points with over 15,000,000 businesses in WeReward.  When you accumulate 1,000 points ($10.00), you can cash out your points through PayPal!  Sounds easy, right?  Last time I mentioned this my brother said he downloaded the app and would let me know how it's been working for him.  I haven't heard from him (and I haven't asked, either) so I'm just going to assume that he's been having so much fun completing tasks, checking in around town, and earning points/money that he just hasn't had time to get back to me.

If I ever get a fancy phone, I'll definitely try it.  Right now you can get the app for iPhone and WeReward for Android, and the Blackberry app should be available later this month.  Check out and watch the video for more information on how it works, and be sure to let me know if you get the app on your phone and how you like it.  Oh, and you can refer your friends, too, and you'll get 10% of the points they earn - so you'll want to be the first of your friends to join.  At least I would.

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  1. Well, to be honest, I haven't been able to do much with it. I don't have phone service on my iPhone, which means that I don't have internet access everywhere I go. The apps requires internet access, but I think it would do well to offer an offline mode as this seriously limits my ability to actually use the app.

    The biggest problem though (since I could find a fair amount of free wi-fi spots) is that after one of the app updates it simply will not load. It just shows the splash screen and then goes back to the main screen on the iPhone. Unfortunately they have not bothered to fix this. Many other people have mentioned this problem in reviews on iTunes, but they must not care.

    If they ever manage to get the app working again, I would be happy to go back to trying to earn points again, but for now I don't even attempt to use it anymore.


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