Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cory was a Cow

It was Golden Guernsey day at the Wisconsin State Fair today.  That means all kinds of fun activities for the kids and adults too - like ring toss with milk bottles and a cream puff eating contest.  Cory got to wear the cow costume.
Did I mention it was a really hot day?  Somebody said the heat index at the fair was 118°.  On the news tonight, they were talking about how hot it was and how everyone was managing to stay cool.  They never once mentioned Golden Guernsey Day or the poor guy (and girl - they took turns) who had to wear the cow suit.  I guess he couldn't have told them how hot he was anyway - since mascots don't talk.

The good news is he survived, and tomorrow he gets to stay inside.  In the air conditioning.  He was cute though, wasn't he?