Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Favorite Fair Purchase

 Cory doesn't understand it, but we like to go to the Wisconsin State Fair every year, at least once.  And we usually have to buy something - just because.  All those booths are hard to resist.  So far I've managed to resist buying the Vita-Mix, though I do think about it every year.  I just can't justify spending $450 on a blender.  Maybe one of these days...

I'm pretty sure my favorite Fair purchase of all time has to be the Mr. Sticky . We bought it at the fair 3 years ago because we had just gotten a white cat, and I thought it would be great for all that white cat hair that gets all over everything.  And it's been great.  It really does take care of that cat hair.  Except that my Mr. Sticky had lost some of its stickiness, and then the handle of my giant Mr. Sticky broke when I was cleaning the Weasley hair off Jeffrey's ottoman.  So we went to the Mr. Sticky booth at the fair this year to find out what we should do - because Mr. Sticky comes with a lifetime warranty.  I wasn't sure if a broken handle was covered, but when Jeffrey told the lady at the booth that the handle had broken, the first thing she said was, "Why didn't you bring it with you?"

That's right - because of the lifetime warranty, it was all covered, and because they were at the Fair, we could just exchange it there instead of having to mail it back to the company. We didn't have it with us, but because Cory was working at the Fair and going every day, he offered to take it back and exchange it one day.  So he did, and we now have a brand new Mr. Sticky and a brand new Giant Mr. Sticky - and the travel size Mr. Sticky that comes in the box, too.  So we're all set for a lifetime of picking up cat hair.  And other stuff.

While I was there, I took some time to watch a Mr. Sticky demonstration, and I realized I haven't been using this thing as much as I should be.  For instance, there are lots of times when I think the stairs really need vacuumed, like now, but I just don't get to it.  Mr. Sticky to the rescue!  Why didn't I think of that?  Instead of dragging out the vacuum cleaner and putting the extra long hose on, I can use my giant Mr. Sticky.  I tried it this week, and it doesn't get everything because I can't get into the crevices where the steps come together, but it does take care of the large pieces of fuzz and stuff.  How handy is that?  So I'm going to have to be thinking of new ways to use my Mr. Sticky.  It's not just for cat hair any more!

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  1. You really should stop resisting the Vita-Mix. Cindy picked one up at CostCo, even though I didn't know how we could justify the price. With that said, I'm the one that uses it the most. It's great for smoothies when we have fresh fruit, and for quick ice cream, and I even made spaghetti sauce in it once. It probably doesn't get used as often as it should, but at least several times a month. You would absolutely love it, and the smoothies are so much better (and cheaper) than anything you can buy at McD's, Jamba Juice, Orange Julius, or other places.


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