Friday, August 20, 2010

Does He Need a Locker?

On GMA last week they were talking about some things college students should have.  One of the things they mentioned was a security cable for the laptop, to keep it from growing legs and walking off.  I would like to think that no one would walk off with Cory's new laptop, but that got me to thinking that it's better to be safe than sorry.  So Jeffrey is going to look at some cables and maybe pick one up for him.

That, of course, got us to thinking about his other stuff and wondering if we should find some kind of Locker or safe for him to keep in his room and keep the small electronics in - like his Zune and DS.  So when he's not using them they can be locked up and kept safe.  Maybe the dorm room is pretty secure and no one can get in except Cory and his roommate, but I just don't know.  College doesn't come with School Lockers to keep all your stuff in, like high school.

Any comments or suggestions?  Should I be looking for Lockers for sale, or do you think his stuff will be fine?