Monday, August 23, 2010

Soon, It'll Be Good as New

It looks like we're getting close to getting all the insurance numbers matched up with the contractor's numbers, so we'll be able to start moving on the house.  That means we'll be picking colors for the shingles and the siding, probably this week.  We've been keeping an eye on all the houses in the neighborhood on our morning walks, getting some ideas about what we might and might not want.  I still think we're going to stay pretty close to the colors we have now, but we're thinking of going with a different style of siding.  And all the shingles are better than we had.  After having a tornado go through, everyone is wanting the shingles with a much higher wind rating!

Thankfully we didn't have any serious damage to our house, but it's been two months since the tornado, and we're ready to get things fixed.  The garage door groans more and more every time it's opened or closed.  We just didn't want to get started until we knew exactly what the home insurance was going to cover, and how much.  We've only had to file auto insurance claims in the past, for things like somebody hitting a deer or a coyote, and those were fairly simple - just take the car to the shop, get it fixed, pay the deductible, and the rest was taken care of.  Filing a home insurance claim for tornado damage is a little more complicated (just a little) so it takes a little longer to get things taken care of.   And in the end it's all good, and our house will be just as good as new, or better.