Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cleaning and Packing

Cory has been cleaning his room the last couple weeks - he's a teenager, and it really was that bad.  He's been doing a really thorough job, going through everything, tossing junk, boxing stuff up, and deciding what he's taking to college and what he's not.  He's in the process of deciding what clothes to take now.  Thankfully, he's only going to be about 15 miles from home, so he doesn't have to decide everything right now, and he doesn't have to take everything with him when he moves in on Monday.  He can get settled in and take more stuff as he figures out what he needs and what he doesn't, and what he actually has room for.  Winter clothes can wait until it gets colder.

The room just needs to be cleaned up, straightened up, and organized.  We need to be able to walk in there, and his window needs to be accessible, when it's finally time to replace it.  It's not like he's moving out and never coming back.  Thankfully.
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