Friday, January 07, 2011

Cold Fingers and Cold Toes

Now that winter is here, I am remembering how cold my fingers always get.  It doesn't seem to matter which gloves I wear or how heavy they seem to be, my fingers still end up freezing.  The other day while we were walking, I pulled my fingers up into the hand part of the glove so they could be together, and that really seemed to help - until I slid my fingers back down where they belonged only to find that the fingers of the gloves had gotten really cold while they were empty.  I'm wondering if maybe I ought to get me some of these Hand Warmers.  Maybe that would help.

While I'm at it, I could probably use some of these warmers for toes, too, because when my fingers are cold, so are my toes.  I keep thinking I need thicker socks or something.  So far I haven't done anything about it, though.  Since I'm only out for around 30 minutes when I'm walking or when I'm shoveling snow, I usually just deal with it.  These hand and toe warmers are for serious outdoor cold-weather enthusiasts, like people who wear L.L.Bean Clothing and go skiing or tubing or snowmobiling or ice skating on a frozen pond.

I did buy a pair of 'glittens' - probably not what they're really called?  They're fingerless gloves with a mitten part that can either be worn over the ends of your fingers, enabling the fingers to share heat, or they can be stuck to the back of the glove if it's not so cold.  They work pretty well for walking but not so much for shoveling the driveway, because the mitten part always seems to open up and leave my fingers exposed, and then they get colder than they were before.  I guess it's all about finding the right glove/mitten/sock/warmer for the job.

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