Thursday, January 06, 2011

New Year, New Computer

Now that I've got a new computer...  Oh, I didn't mention that I got a new computer?  Well, I did.  The old one was so slow, and the hard-drive was just so full.  I mean, what do you expect?  It was only 40GB.  At the time I got it, 4 years ago this summer, that seemed plenty big.  Nowadays the computers all come with 250GB hard-drives or bigger.  This one is 500GB.

Anyway, now that I've got a new, much faster, computer I can actually get things done, or so I'm hoping.  Blogging, photo editing, web product development, typing up minutes for the Library Board, downloading music from Amazon, whatever I need to do.  It's so much faster and easier.  Of course, I do need to take some time to organize and transfer all my files from the old computer.  I took care of my email and photos right away, but I have quite a few other files to go through.  Of course, I haven't needed those files in the last few weeks, so maybe I should just leave them on my portable hard-drive.  I'll probably just do that, but the problem is that I already copied most of them onto the portable hard-drive sometime, but I can't remember exactly when, and I'm not sure which files are on the hard-drive and which ones aren't - so I need to take some time to go through them.  Either that, or just copy all of the folders and deal with it later.  Then I could clean off the old computer and figure out what we want to do with it.  It will probably work a whole lot better if I take all the files off.  I might not even have to re-format the hard-drive to improve the functionality.

I really am enjoying having a computer that responds so much better and not having to worry about what I do with it or what I want to install for fear that I won't have enough hard-drive space.  I'm not ready to tackle a job with a San Francisco Web Development Agency, but I do need to update and re-design at least one website for our church, and I can play with some video editing, too.

While I'm at it, I think I'll download a new desktop wallpaper calendar from Smashing Magazine. These are so cool!  There are 65 free wallpapers to choose from for January, and I'm just having a really hard time choosing.  Actually, what I need to do is pick several and then have Cory show me how to get my computer to rotate through them all.  He told me he'd show me if I ever wanted to know.  Well, I want to know.

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  1. Never mind. I didn't need Cory's help to be able to choose multiple backgrounds and rotate through them. I did it. All by myself.

    I really like the idea of having a calendar on my desktop. The problem with a lot of these desktop pictures is that the calendars start on Monday. Why Monday? I have a hard enough time figuring out what day of the week it is, without the calendar being set up wrong. Thankfully, they also offer a version of each one without the calendar.


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