Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Get Kids Active

When we were growing up, we spent a lot of time outside just playing.  (and working)  The point is, we were active.  Oh, I spent a lot of time reading books, but I also got a lot of exercise running around the pasture, playing in the creek, and riding my bike.  With video games, computers, movies, and so many other forms of indoor sedentary entertainment, today's kids don't seem to get as much activity and exercise.  Is it any wonder that childhood obesity is a growing problem?

Activitytree.com is committed to fighting childhood obesity and to promoting kids' active bodies and minds.  It's the largest online parent resource for kid's lessons, classes, and camps.  They make it simple for parents to find activities in their own areas by searching by area code and activity type to get contact information, web site links, interactive maps and activity descriptions for over 18,000 providers. Creating a FREE member profile lets them further narrow their activity search results by age of participant, gender, day and time of activity. Members can also sign-up for select classes with the easy, secure Click & Pay, organize and share calendars with myActivityTree, get directions to activities, join carpooling, and receive local Deals by email.

Parents can also join the Get Kids Active! Facebook Campaign for activity ideas and help in getting their kids active through social networking.  It's not as easy as just saying, "Go play outside!" but having all these resources will certainly help in finding some fun activities for the kids.

Right now ActivityTree.com is is making kids activities and camps more affordable by offering “Get Kids Active!” Scholarships. There are two ways to enter:
  1. ActivityTree.com Kids Scholarships Page
  2. ActivityTree Facebook Page via the Scholarships tab