Tuesday, January 11, 2011


While we were in Lexington, Beth posted a few pictures of herself and her pregnant belly.  Cory was sure she looked bigger than she should and that she was having twins.  Twins.  Wouldn't that be fun?  I always wanted to have twins - and then I had one baby at a time!  I don't know of any twins that run in our family, so it really would have been something if she was having twins.  But she's not; the sonogram only showed one baby - and one's enough.

It's been so long since I was pregnant that I couldn't really remember how big I was back when I was pregnant with Beth or when I had to start wearing Maternity Clothes - so I couldn't tell Cory that there was definitely only one baby in there.  And everyone's different, of course.  I should probably dig out some old pictures, just to see.

I'm not sure if Beth's wearing maternity clothes yet or not, but she's got this thing called a Bella Band that lets her wear her regular clothes a bit longer.  It looks like a really handy thing, and I wish they had this back when I was pregnant.  I had to go from regular clothes to some bigger sizes in regular clothes, not exactly plus-sized clothing, but bigger than my normal size - before I could find any maternity clothes that would actually fit me.  When she is ready for maternity clothes, the lady Beth works for is about the same size and has a bunch of clothes she says Beth can have.  And since she had her baby last May, everything should be for the right season, too.  She may not need to buy any maternity clothes at all.  So that's a real blessing. 

After the baby she might want to be able to buy some updated clothes, clothes more appropriate for a young mom than those skin-tight jeans and low-cut tops she always liked to wear, and start putting together a complete wardrobe that will last her for years.  Then again, maybe not.
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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lclN1-A_sk
    that's a link to DulceCandy87's video about belly buds which are headphones for the belly. She has some other pregnancy videos along with other make-up guru type stuff. So Beth and you can check these out for maybe some current pregnancy tips/gadgets.

  2. Yes I am wearing maternity clothes my belly is to bignot to and be comfy

  3. hmmmm, I had twins and I'm in your family.... :)

  4. One of my dad's sisters had twins. So I always hoped for twins with each of you. And there's Sassy...definitely in your family. :-)

  5. OK, update: there are twins in the family! So why couldn't Beth have them?

    My 2nd mother-in-law has twin boys, but she's only in the family through marriage, so I guess there wasn't any help from that side...


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