Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who's Supposed to Plan the Baby Shower?

Beth texted me this week and told me that one of Tim's sisters is planning a baby shower in March, and I'm supposed to go, and I'm supposed to buy her something for the baby.  Then she called tonight because the date is changing, and she's not sure it's going to work, and maybe that shower should just be for Tim's family, and there's not really room where they want to hold the shower for a lot of people, and isn't March early, and....

So I don't really know what's happening.  Who's really supposed to plan a baby shower?  Her friends?  A family member?  Her mom?  Yeah, that'd be me.  I don't even remember how it worked when I was having kids, and honestly I've never really been all that excited about showers anyway.  Maybe I can just stick with talking to her about pumping breast milk and reducing stretchmarks, and leave the 'fun' stuff to someone else.

Maybe a 'virtual' baby shower without the silly games and all the people.  That's possible, right?