Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Think Before You Ink

Did you know there's a site dedicated to the Ugliest Tattoos?  I just checked it out, and there are some crazy tattoos on there.  They leave you shaking your head and wondering what those people were thinking.  Or if they were thinking at all.  Also, you'd think the tattoo artists would have said, "No, Buddy, that's a really bad idea." and refused to do it.  But then, they gotta make a living, even if it means bad art.  Someday, these people will be using a lot of tattoo removal cream or getting laser treatments to remove that ugly 'art'work.

So, save yourself some trouble.  If you think you want a tattoo, make sure you think about it long and hard and make sure you love it.  Make sure it's something you will love for a very long time.  And, if you're known to change your mind a lot, stick with the temporary tattoos.