Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Too Many Shoes?

Usually I agree with the sentiment, "You can never have too many shoes."  No matter how many shoes I have in my closet, I still have to look at shoes every chance I get - just in case there's a pair that needs me to bring it home.  Of course, any pair of shoes that wants to come live in my closet must not only be cute but reasonably priced as well.  I just don't get the whole designer shoe thing - no shoe is cute enough to justify some of those prices.  NO.  SHOE.

And it's not all about how cute a pair of shoes is.  Comfort and practicality is important, too - more so as I get older wiser.  I'm not going to wear ugly shoes just to be comfortable, but if the cute shoes aren't comfy, I'm not going to buy them.  When it comes to walking or running shoes, comfort is all important.  Nobody's looking at them, but they have got to carry me for a lot of miles, without making my feet or legs hurt.  While my other shoes get worn once in a while, the walking shoes get worn practically every day, until they're worn out, and I have to replace them.

Recently I was trying to find a particular pair of shoes, and I starting thinking about actually getting rid of some of my shoes.  *GASP*  But honestly, there are shoes in there that I haven't worn in ages, and I'm not even sure I think they're cute anymore.  I can't even remember how comfortable they are.  I'm just in the mood to purge.  Of course, if I don't get in there and do it soon, while I'm still feelin' it, I may not be able to bring myself to do it after all. 

I'll just have to remember the end result - if I get rid of some shoes I don't like or wear anymore, I'll have room to bring the new ones home when I find them!