Monday, January 17, 2011

Got Cory Back to Campus

Cory and I got out of here before noon to take him back to college.  Cory drove on the way over.  The roads weren't too bad - snow covered but manageable, and he's a really good driver.  I can't remember how much experience he got driving in snow last winter, but he did a fine job.  Me, I'd rather not drive in the snow, but you do what you gotta do.

Thankfully, Cory texted one of his friends before we left, and got her up and out of bed.  She and her roommate met us when we got to the parking lot and helped carry his stuff up all those stairs.  So it only took two trips instead of the 4 or 5 it would have taken if it had only been the two of us.  That was nice.  Very helpful.

When I headed home, Cory told me to call or text him when I got home so he'd know I was safe.  Isn't he sweet?  I usually ask the kids to call me when they get where they're going, if the weather's bad or if they're going somewhere new.  And now, he's turning it around on me.

I texted him when I got home.  Safely.  It was fairly uneventful until I got behind a really slow truck.   I'd been driving about 50mph most of the time, and that seemed fine.  This truck was going anywhere between 30mph to maybe 40mph once in a while.  Seriously?  There was no reason to be going so slow.  So, after I got behind the truck, it was still uneventful - just frustrating, and I really didn't feel like trying to pass.

But I finally got home and went ahead and shoveled the driveway before coming in, because the snow had really piled up while I was gone.  I didn't necessarily want to get rid of the boy, but I'm glad we went when we did because the snow just kept coming all day, so it was good to get it over with.  Besides, he needed time to put all that stuff away.