Monday, January 17, 2011

Sweating for my health in 2011

Guest post written by Lesley Jefferson
A lot of the times I normally get in these big exercise kicks and completely give it my all until I get distracted by something else and basically just completely slack off from working out. But my resolution for 2011 is to make sure that I don't slack off any more and actually start a work out schedule that is a little more reasonable and doable than the ones that I've made in the past. I can't base my life around exercising, so I can't expect to create a schedule like that.
I used my Clear tv bundle to go online and come up with some sensible goals for myself, like I'm signing up at the YMCA and am going to go at least three times a week at the very minimum. I think that's pretty reasonable although I'd like to go more often than that.
I'm also going to challenge myself a bit and start trying out some new exercise classes at the gym as part of my exercise New Year's resolution. I've heard things about spinning.

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  1. Good job. Three times a week is a great start, it'll help pace yourself. I've tried spinning before, not my personal favorite, I rather stick with the treadmill, but you'll probably enjoy spinning.
    Stay focused,

    Arie Rich


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