Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Using Online Recipes

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I love all the recipes available on the Internet!  What I need is a wireless monitor embedded in a cabinet door.  That way I could refer to the recipes I want to use without printing them out or, like I'm doing now, setting my laptop on my kitchen counter.  At least I have a laptop, and I can do that!  Some days I don't even think of that.  Instead I run back and forth from the kitchen to the living room to check the recipe. Not the most efficient, but I guess that's a form of exercise, right?

Speaking of exercise, this bending over to type a blog post while I've got my computer on the counter is working some muscles I don't usually work.  I can feel it tightening up my backside.  Maybe I should do this more often?  I could write blog posts, domain name availability, update website, and all manner of things while standing in my kitchen.  Of course, if I didn't set my laptop in front of my toaster oven, I'd be able to angle the screen back a bit more, and then I wouldn't have to bend over.  The thing with putting the laptop in the kitchen is that I have to keep it away from the sink where it might get wet and away from anything messy - which brings me back to how nice it would be to have a built-in monitor.  I suppose they do have those, but they cost more than I'd want to spend.

Oh well, maybe I should just do my cooking (I'm making this Sweet Potato Chicken Stew Recipe - looks good, doesn't it?) and then take my computer back into the living room to my nice, comfy couch...
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  1. I don't think about taking the laptop into the kitchen either. And you know how far away it is. :) Usually I write the ingredients down and anything that might not be obvious with just a list of ingredients. You know, it is alright to use paper and pen. Love you!

  2. Oh yeah, I do that too. I usually pull an envelope out of the recycling bag. That's probably the easiest way to do it. Why did I not think of that today? I don't know.

    And the laptop in the kitchen? Not really the best idea because it kept going to sleep and then I had to wake it back up and try not to mess it up with my messy hands.


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