Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Two Down, at Least One to Go

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While he's home on break, Cory wants some real food - food he doesn't get at college.  He wanted tacos, and Grandma Ruth had tacos fixed for us when we got to her place last Thursday.  He wanted barbecue ribs, and that's what we had for dinner tonight.  And he wants corned beef, but I can't fix that until I go shopping and get some cabbage.  I already have some corned beef in the freezer because I always buy it when it's marked down around St. Patrick's day.

We had a nice soup, salad, and sandwich buffet for lunch on Sabbath while we were in Lexington, and they had some really good corned beef, but Cory and his friends decided to eat at Denny's.  He said my corned beef would be better, so that's what he wants.

I can't run to the store just for cabbage so I better get busy cutting out coupons and putting together a list so I can go shopping next week.  (I still have a little time because he doesn't go back to school until the 17th.)  I need all the coupons cut out and organized, and I need to toss all the expired ones, because I just hate buying something and then finding out later that I had a coupon for it and could have saved some money, if only I'd had it with me.  I even obsess over 50¢ or a dollar.  Imagine booking a vacation rental and forgetting to use a Homeaway Coupon that could save us a whole lot more. I probably wouldn't even be able to have a good time.  Remember when I obsessed about not ordering my 2nd box of checks, which I really did not need?  Even if they were 'free' - except for the shipping and handling.

Anyway, while I'm planning my grocery list, I better ask Cory if there's anything else he wants me to cook for him, so I can get everything for that while I'm out.
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