Monday, August 01, 2011

How to Make Moving Your Kid to College Easier

In the upcoming month, many parents will be taking their son or daughter to college to start their freshman year. For many of these kids, they will be headed out-of-state and will move into large college dorms loaded with students and 10x10 foot rooms. Dorm life is compact, and planning for the transition from a solo room to a smaller room with a roommate can be difficult for any first time college student.

However, there are a few ways that both you and your college student can make the move to college easier. A few of those include:

Properly Prepare and Research

There are hundreds of lists online that suggest great items for your future college student to take to college; however, try to look at the one that is specific to the college your son or daughter will be attending. This list will not only have recommended items, but will also list prohibited items. Having this list will let you know what all your child needs to pack, and how much hauling room you can expect to need.

Phone the New Roomie

There is no reason for both roommates to bring mini fridges and coffee makers. Prior to departure, have your child call their future roommate. Between the two of them, they should be able to determine who will bring what into the dorm allowing you to ditch the unnecessary TV or room fan when loading up.

Rent a Trailer in Advance

The weekend your son or daughter will be moving to college will most likely be the same weekend that everyone else’s sons or daughters move to college. Don’t wait last minute to get the equipment you need to make your move more successful. While your child shouldn’t be packing enough to fill a large moving van, you may not have a car big enough to fit more than two people and may need to rent a trailer or small moving vehicle.

Consider a Storage Unit

Have plans for your child’s vacant room once they are gone? You may want to rent a self storage unit ahead of time. Transitioning into college can be hard, but coming home and finding that all of your possessions have been crammed into boxes and stored elsewhere can be even more difficult. If you plan on redecorating your child’s room upon their departure, have them pack up everything they can’t take to college with you. Not only will this alleviate the burden of you packing up their room by yourself, but it will also make their transition easier.
College is a fun and exciting time, and to make it as stress free as possible, parents should begin planning for the big move at least 3 weeks prior. Doing so will make moving day seamless, and will allow you to enjoy the last few hours spent with your child instead of worrying about last minute packing and hauling.