Monday, August 29, 2011

Need Tickets?

Skins / Chiefs 2009Image by bradlby via Flickr
It seems like there's always something going on - concerts, sports events, festivals, etc.  It has me wondering how so many people can afford to go.  How do they justify spending so much on a few hours' entertainment?  The news around here is that the Packers are planning to add on to their stadium (that's what it's called, right? where they play football?).  Anyway, they figure they can pay for it because there is a whole list of people who are just waiting to get season tickets, and they'll have more space so they can sell more of those tickets and make enough money to pay for the expansion.

Not me.  I'm not on the list.  I can't see spending that much money, whether for Packers tickets, Anaheim Ducks Tickets, Chicago Blackhawks Tickets, or any other tickets.  Partly that's because I don't really care about sports much, and mostly because I can't imagine caring that much.  I'm just too cheap.  Occasionally we'll see a basketball game or hockey game, but only when we get really cheap tickets or free tickets.  I have a good time when we go, but I don't get all excited and decide we need to see more games.

For those people who just need to see the games, there are some options that aren't quite so painful.  I checked out and found some Packers tickets for Thursday night's pre-season game against the Kansas City Chiefs for around $20.  Not that I'd know if they are good (or even remotely decent) seats or not, but they're tickets to the football game, and that's not bad for the experience.  I'm sure there are some decent deals on Boston Bruins Tickets, Calgary Flames Tickets, Buffalo Sabres Tickets,or whatever teams or games are in your area, too.  They also have concert and theater tickets.  See if they have the tickets you need - for the price you'd rather pay.
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