Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Hangings for the Deck

Multicolored wind chime 1Image via Wikipedia
Besides watching the horse pulls, one of the things we really like about the Fair is looking at all the stuff people have to sell.  Sunglasses, boots, jewelry, hot sauces, archery equipment, patio spinners, hats, dresses, you name it, somebody's selling it.  The hard part is deciding what to buy, because of course, it's the Fair, and we have to buy something.

This year I got a wind chime and a mobile type thing to hang out on the deck.  We've always looked at a lot of these things, but we never had anywhere to hang them, so we waited.  Now, we've got the deck and the pergola, and I've got someplace to hang them!  I got a wooden wind chime because I love the sound of the wooden chimes better than the metal tinkly ones.  And this one just happens to have a frog on it.  And then I got a decorative hanging with copper and colored balls - kind of like the ones pictured here.  It kind of reminds me of a solar system, and I really like the way it catches the light.  We just have to decide where we really want to hang them.  For now they're hung on the hooks we have for the citronella lanterns.  I'm really enjoying listening to the frog when the wind blows.  I ought to get video or at least audio of that - and some pictures too, huh?

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