Friday, August 19, 2011

Who Even Thinks to Ask This Stuff?

I'm anxiously waiting for the commercials to get over so I can find out which celebrity America trusts the most, and which one is least trusted.  Not exactly.  I'm just wondering who really thinks to ask this stuff?

Most likely advertising agencies, don't you think?  They've got to know the best celebrities to hire for their ads and endorsements.  There's a bunch of money riding on choosing the right celebrity to endorse everything from designer engagement ring settings to bathroom cleaners.  Of course, they need to think a little bit harder about who they choose to actually write their ad campaigns, because some of those commercials are just plain dumb and don't encourage anybody to buy whatever they're hawking. (Think that awful orchestra teacher Target commercial, and, come to think of it, I don't think any of the current back-to-school/teacher commercials Target is airing right now will actually make anyone run out and shop at Target.)

Anyway, the answer is Betty White.  She was chosen the most trusted celebrity, and also the most likely to boost business.  That part clued me in to who was actually asking the question.

Paris Hilton and Charlie Sheen both ended up on the least trusted list.  I guess I can agree with that.  Would you really buy anything Charlie Sheen is selling?  But Betty White?  America's buying.