Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Another Tuesday come and gone.  Well, almost gone, and I'm just now sitting down to see what kind of random things come out.  Yep, that's how I work. 

So, this weekend - Saturday we attended a funeral for the mother of one of our long-time friends.  It was nice getting to see some people we don't see regularly and sharing in some memories.  She was quite a lady, and I know the family will miss her.

Sunday we went to Walmart, and Jeffrey picked out and ordered some glasses.  His total before insurance reimbursement?  Less than my total after insurance.  It's just not fair!  I sent in the reimbursement form today.  They say they cover up to $70 on frames and up to $75 on the lenses, so I'm interested to find out if they actually cover what we paid, or if it's some percentage they have.  Anyone ever used VSP for out-of-network glasses?

Does anyone else have to fight the urge to correct people on facebook?  Spelling, grammar, use of words, there are so many things that are wrong.  Would it really take that much longer to read comments over before submitting them to make sure there are no mistakes?  Of course, that would mean people actually have to know a mistake when they see one.

Cory will be going back to college soon.  He and his roommate are planning to move in on the 2nd, and classes start the 6th.  After that I probably won't see him much because he'll be busy with classes and rehearsals, and all that college stuff.  He was going to be home on the weekends so he could work, but he's an understudy for a play, and they have Sunday rehearsals scheduled - so there goes his only day to work, and he has to quit.  His last day is the 5th.  He can go back next summer, but during the school year he'll need something closer that he can schedule around classes and rehearsals.

Once he's back in school, I'll get my van back.  Not that I really have a need or desire to go anywhere most of the time, but it might be nice to get to the grocery store once in a while.  Eventually.  I've had Jeffrey pick up a few things on his way home from work, and had Cory pick up a few things at work or on his way home, and grabbed a few quick things whenever we happened to be out, and there's really nothing we desperately need.  So it can wait.  Also, I have things that need done around here, and when I'm not home they don't get done.  Sometimes (way too often) they don't get done when I am home, but it's worse when I'm not.

I think that's it for now.  Enough, anyway.  I'm sure there will be plenty more random things run through my brain as soon as I publish this post.  Oh well!  Join me next week...