Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

 Here I am at the end of another Tuesday and now that I sit down, everything has flown out of my head.  I'm sure it was all there before!

I already mentioned that we went to the State Fair on Sunday, and Jeffrey got a new cell phone.  Cory got one too, even though he wasn't with us.  The boys had already picked out the phones they wanted, so we knew which one to get him.  Then Monday before work he stopped by US Cellular to get his activated and pick out a protective case.  I think he's liking it quite a bit.  I'm the only one left without a Smart Phone, but I guess I'll survive.  I still like my phone, and I can check facebook, twitter, and email from my phone, so what else do I really need?  And, besides, I'm usually home where I can use an actual computer to do all that.

I've been wanting to use this picture for a while.  It made me think of Beth & Tim when I first downloaded it - and then I just never needed it.  They found out they were going to be parents and cut down on the drama.  Or maybe they just kept it to themselves.  Until now.  Hopefully they'll get their stuff figured out.  They have a son.  They need to grow up.

Speaking of that adorable son, I got to go hang out with him today.  Beth had a dentist's appointment and didn't figure Jason would be happy to sit in his car seat the whole time, so she had me meet her there and watch him for her.  Yeah, it was tough, but somebody's gotta do it, right?  Thankfully Cory didn't have to work today, so I had a way to get there.  I still would have gotten to hang out with Jason.  Beth just would have had to leave work early enough to swing by here and drop him off first.  Tomorrow I get to see him again, because she wants to take all three kids to Old World Wisconsin, and she doesn't think she wants to do that all by herself.  Probably a good decision.  Also, I really do need to see that little guy regularly, because he just keeps growing and changing, and I might miss something.

I guess that's it for now.  Nice to see there were at least a few things in my head, huh?  Tune in next Tuesday for another edition - episode? rambling list? - something.