Monday, August 08, 2011

Pictures I Didn't Take at the Fair

Jeffrey and I went to the Wisconsin State Fair yesterday and spent the day just walking around and hanging out together.  We always have a good time, from the moment we walk through the entry with the bronze letters saying, "Wisconsin State Fair Park" until we walk out again at the end of the day.
I took several pictures, but I just get busy looking and seeing and doing, and I forget to get pictures of the stuff I'm really interested in.  I have a friend who always takes tons of pictures whenever she goes, and they're always a lot of fun, so I'll let you look at her pictures!  (I hope that works, and her pictures aren't all friends only)  I just love that she takes pictures of everything, and she's not afraid to take pictures of people.  I don't get good pictures of people, because I don't want them to actually know I'm taking their picture.  Yeah, I know, get over it.

Instead I take pictures of animals (mostly horses),  crowds, the sky, bronze plaques and neon signs, and even some flowers.  I just want to take pictures of the people eating the turkey legs, wearing the odd interesting outfits, and trying to sell all the gizmos and gadgets - but I don't.  And, instead of taking a picture of the man cooking the noodles I had for lunch, I took a picture of the sign.  So many signs at the fair, just begging for attention...
The noodles, by the way were yummy.  I didn't get a picture of them either.  I just ate them.