Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do You Have a Website?

Things have certainly come a long way. I remember the first time I attempted to build a website.  It was very, very simple.  It had to be really, because there was no drag and drop, no WYSIWYG, just plain text HTML.  Thankfully there was plenty of how-to information online to help me with the HTML.  I printed a bunch of it out for easy reference, and I went to work.  Unfortunately, nobody told me that music which started automatically when the page loaded was tacky, or that images needed to be optimized to help them load faster.  Back then that was really important because practically everyone had dial-up internet access!  Who remembers that?

I've learned a lot since then, and things have gotten a lot easier, too.  Now there are sites that let you easily create your own website - no HTML knowledge required.  Anyone can have a web page.  If you can send an email and arrange elements on a page - seriously, just type in the information you want to share and drag and drop it where you want it to be - then you can build a web site.  Add modules like games, forums, or photo albums.  Include gadgets and widgets, and even integrate popular web services like YouTube, Flickr, and Paypal.  Then, arrange everything on the page the way you want it.  Change your mind, and it's super simple to move things around again, until you get it just right.  And for people like me, there's still the option to tweak the HTML, meaning I can still have complete control.  But if you don't know anything about HTML, that's perfectly fine.

There are hundreds of templates to choose from, so your site will look nice, and you get unlimited free website hosting too.  Did you see that?  I said FREE.  So if you don't have a website yet, it's time you got started.  It's easy, it's free, and it's fun!  Create a free website now at
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