Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Another Tuesday.  Oh, these weeks, they go so fast!

Jeffrey and I went back to the State Fair again on Sunday.  We didn't get there until about 5pm because Jeffrey had some work to get done first, and then we had some shopping to do at Kohl's and Sam's.  We had some free money to spend at Kohl's so we checked out the clearance racks, and we hadn't been to Sam's in a while, so we needed all kinds of basics - toilet paper, sugar, cheese, etc.  I wanted to buy flour because last time we were there I was pleasantly surprised to see they had unbleached flour instead of the usual all purpose bleached stuff.  This time - no unbleached.  So I had Cory grab me some at Walmart, since he was there anyway.  I just get a bit antsy when I'm getting low on flour.  And toilet paper.

We didn't really do a lot at the Fair - walked around, got something to eat, bought some summer sausage because the guy at the fair always has the best, and then watched the horse pulls.  We really enjoy watching those.  We saw some of the middleweights last weekend, and this Sunday we watched the heavyweights.  I don't even really pay attention to who wins.  I just love watching how hard the horses try.  And they're gorgeous.

Beth had a Tupperware party on Sunday, which I forgot about.  She called me when we were out running around asking where I was.  Oops - forgot to write down when it was.   I can't think of anything I actually need, but she's supposed to send me a link so I can look.  I can order something online and she'll get credit.

I mowed the yard today.  We've been getting rain, and the grass is actually green and growing now.  Jeffrey maybe could have done it when he got home, but he's been extra busy with work, and Cory had to go to work, so I figured I'd do it and get it over with.  Besides, it's good exercise.  Never mind that I had plenty of stuff to do in the house - vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, washing dishes - how do things get into such a mess, and will I ever get caught up?  Speaking of cleaning bathrooms, I really want to try this cleaner when I do get around to doing it.  What happened to those days when I cleaned bathrooms every Thursday?  Yep, I used to have a schedule!

Speaking of schedules - tune in next Tuesday for another edition of this regularly scheduled post.

Oh, and I tried a new recipe for dinner, which I will definitely have to post. It was really good.