Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

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Another Tuesday almost gone.  I keep meaning to do these posts earlier in the day, but today I really had an excuse - I was gone all day.  I went with Beth and the kids to Old World Wisconsin again.  We had fun walking around - it is definitely good exercise pushing those strollers up the hills!  This time we rode the tram for a while, but it's almost more trouble than it's worth to unload everyone and everything from the strollers so they can be folded and stashed in the front of the tram.  The kids got to pet some horses, and see some chickens, pigs, sheep, and a calf, so that was fun.  (We did not see the oxen pictured here.  That was a picture I took on another visit.)

After we left OWW, I went with Beth back to the house where she works, and while she got the kids down for naps, I took her vehicle and went and picked up my new glasses (the expensive ones).  I like the way they look, but I think it's going to take me a while to learn how to look out of them.  She said it would take a while to get used to them, so we'll see.  And, because I went to the fancy in-plan optical shop, besides the glasses I also got a fancy gift bag that contained, get this - a bottle of cleaner, a cleaning cloth, and a miniature candy bar.  Yep, definitely worth the extra money!  NOT.  Also, we just picked up Jeffrey's new glasses at Walmart Friday evening, and they were much more thorough there making sure his glasses fit right and the bifocals were right than the place where I got mine.  Makes me wonder what I was paying for...

Anyway, after picking up the glasses I also stopped at Walgreens and Aldi and grabbed some stuff and then went back to get Beth and Jason.  I finally got to meet the people she works for.  She talks about them all the time, and they're really nice people.  They really appreciate the way Beth takes care of their kids and seem to like her quite a bit.  So it was after 5:00 when we left there, almost 6:00 when I got home and in the house and started putting stuff away.  And then I had to figure out what to have for dinner.  By the time dinner was over - mostly leftovers I pulled out of the fridge - I decided to skip washing the dishes.  I can certainly see how nothing would ever get done if I was gone on a regular basis.  How do people do it?  There's enough stuff I'd like to get done but can never seem to get to as it is.

But for now?  I'm thinking the only thing I'm getting to is bed.  I can wash dishes tomorrow.  And fold towels.  And pick beans. And...  I need to vacuum, clean bathrooms, catch up on receipts, write some posts, etc., etc., etc.
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