Sunday, February 22, 2009

Get a Handle on Your Debt

I was reading an article online a couple days ago. The subject was How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half. You know how much I like saving money, so of course I read it looking for ways to save even more. Unfortunately, most of the tips were things I already knew. I guess I should be happy to know that I'm already doing a lot of the things I need to do to make our money go as far as possible. It's interesting to see the comments, though, because so many of the tips that are second nature to me are big news to other people. Hopefully these people will be able to incorporate some of the tips and learn to make their money go further.

There are also some great articles available to help people with debt management. It's really easy to get yourself buried under a mountain of debt, especially if you're not actively trying to avoid it, but it's not so easy to get out from under that debt. It's especially hard if you don't have a plan for getting that debt taken care of. Some people can do it on their own, but other people need help. I guess it depends on how bad the situation is and how determined they are to get out of debt. If the idea of lower monthly payments and lowered interest rates sounds like it would make getting out of debt easier, then working with a credit specialist and setting up a debt management plan may be the best route to go.

If this sounds like something that might help you, just fill in some basic information, and you can talk to a credit specialist and begin taking control of your debt. The best part, besides moving toward becoming debt free, is that you get access to estimates on how much a debt management plan can save you as well as a complete Surviving Debt Guide, both free of cost with zero commitment.


  1. Bummer, I thought you were going to link to the grocery savings article... did you put it on one of your other blogs? I'm interested in reading it.


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