Monday, February 23, 2009

Heads or Tails - Case

This week's theme/prompt is:  
HEADS – Case
TAILS - Anything that Rhymes With Case

Jeffrey mentioned tonight that Tropicana had changed their orange juice cartons recently, but so many people complained that they are going to change them back.  I just read the article suggested by Zemanta (see below) and it turns out that it wasn’t necessarily a large number of people but some of their ‘most loyal customers’ who complained.  Still, it was enough to convince the company to abandon the newer, more cost effective carton in favor of the old design.

It has me wondering what these people are loyal to.  Is it the brand?  The orange juice itself?  Or are they really that crazy about the carton?  I wonder, are they willing to pay the extra cost so they can have the carton they like?  Seriously people – take a picture, frame it, and drink whatever juice  you want.

Anyway, when Jeffrey first mentioned this, I could not have told you what a Tropicana orange juice carton looked like – either the old version or the new one.  I don’t even look at the orange juice in the cartons.  Yes, I’m getting to the part about the case

Yesterday I mentioned an article I read on how to cut your grocery bill in half.  There were some decent tips there, but here’s one no one mentioned: Do not buy your juice from the refrigerator case.  Walk on by and shop the freezer case.  You can get the same juice, in frozen, concentrated form, for less money.  Unless you think you just have to have that Tropicana ‘never from concentrate’ but seriously – orange juice concentrate is just orange juice with the water reduced.  Unless it specifically says, like the Tropicana, ‘not from concentrate’ then you are getting the exact same stuff, just paying more for it.  Pay less for the frozen concentrate, and when you want juice, just add the water back in,  mix, and enjoy.

Heads or Tails is a fun weekly meme created and hosted by Skittles!

Oh, and if I was going to buy the orange juice in the carton, I really like the new Tropicana carton. 


  1. I HAD to go look, because I had no clue what they looked like either. I also like the old one better.

    But sheesh! I can't get past this quote from the link: "We underestimated the deep emotional bond" customers had with the old carton???? Those people need to get a life. LOL!!!

    (I buy juice from the freezer section.)

    Thanks for playing!

  2. Too funny but sure par for this weird time of life. A carton under consideration...whew. If that's the biggest problem... I hadn't heard this dustup - thanks for posting!

  3. Most times I DO buy in the freezer case. I like it better, 'cause when you do buy in the 'fridge case, the juices don't have enough pulp for me. LOLOLOLOL

    Thing is, I don't know BEANS about what the cartons look like. Hmmmmm. How good a shopper am I? LOL

  4. Wow....people are sure odd..... I don't drink tropicana..we use another brand, so i have to go look.....

  5. Was it a white cartoon? The kids don't like orange juice, just apple juice so we don't buy orange juice often.

  6. Crazy, in my opinion! I figure if they are going to save me some money, I'm all for it!

  7. I don't really check to see what the carton looks like, I just see O.J. for this much $ and grab it. I guess my life is to complicated to worry about packaging. I will be taking the time to go look now though!

    Loved this post!!

  8. I just looked. Wow!!! How dare they expect us to buy a carton that looks like that. I'd stand up and defend the orange with a straw stuck through it too....if I worried about that kind of stuff!!!

  9. Once I developed an allergy to grapes, I found that all of the juices I had been buying contained grape juice. So now, I have to get the stuff from the freezer case, 'cause they're cheaper & usually contain 100% of the juice you think you're buying. I'm the kind of person to be loyal to a brand if it's worth it, but I'd never throw a fit over the packaging!! People are weird.

  10. Juice? Oh I remember the days when I could actually afford the stuff! I know, if I stopped buying beer I'd have lots of money for juice, but dude, I like beer! :-0...


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