Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1 plus 1 is 2

This cat of ours is really smart. I'm not saying she can actually do math or figure out where to buy the cheapest auto insurance, but she certainly knows what's going to happen in this house.

Like most cats, she does not like the vacuum cleaner. When the vacuum cleaner comes out, she completely disappears. But then I started noticing that she disappears when I pull the broom out - not that she's scared of the broom. She just knows that after the broom comes the vacuum cleaner! I usually sweep the kitchen floor and then vacuum it, in hopes of getting all that dirt and cat hair cleaned up, so she's got that figured out pretty well.

Then I started noticing that she disappears when I start dusting the furniture. Yep, after dusting I usually vacuum. It might be a while before I get to the vacuuming part, but Tillie doesn't want to be around for that, so she disappears right away.

Then today, before I even pulled the broom out, Tillie got up off her chair, where she had been sleeping all day, and ran off. Why? I was shaking the kitchen rugs out the back door. She knows. Shake the rugs, pull out the broom and sweep the floor, and then comes the vacuum cleaner. There's no way she's going to stay around for that!


  1. SO THEN how do you train them that when the lights are OFF it is SLEEP TIME!!!!!!

    I am abotu ready to shut these two in the hall at night.

  2. I love these smart kitties..

    Everyday I see something new, fantastic aren't they!


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