Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Glasses for Cory

Cory decided he really liked the contacts, so we went last week and bought him some. It's pretty nice with the vision plan. It only cost us around $25 for enough contacts to last him a year. While we were there, he also found a pair of glasses he liked, and we got them for around $100. They came in today, so he's all set - contacts for everyday wear and glasses for backup. The lady at the Walmart vision center also wrote down his pupil distance measurements so we can try ordering him some glasses online, for additional stylin', of course.

Me, I'm still trying to find a pair of glasses I like on my face. Of course, I've only looked there at Walmart and haven't gone anywhere else. It's just so hard for me to find something I like. I'd like to try ordering some online, too, but if I have this much trouble with glasses I can actually try on, I don't know how I'd ever find any I like online.

Another problem I'm having, since I'm so cheap, is the whole vision plan thing. I love that we got our exams paid for, but the coverage for glasses seems backwards to me. They'll pay up to $125 for frames, and $25 for lenses. Now, I don't know about you, but my lenses are the part that costs the most - because I have to upgrade to the thinner polycarbonate ones. And then there's the small print on all the advertised specials, "not valid with insurance plans" - So, I can't get a special deal, have to pay full price, but they'll pay $25 towards my $200 lenses. It would make a lot more sense for them to just pay $150, regardless of how you split it up between frames and lenses, but that would probably cost them more.

I'm beginning to think about getting contacts like Cory. That way at least I can get my whole $150 benefit paid toward the cost of my lenses. I'd still need some backup glasses, and the lens upgrades are still going to cost a bit, but at least I would be able to take advantage of the advertised deals.

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  1. The idea of contacts freaks me out...the whole touching your eye thing gives me shivers. Yeah, I'm a big baby. LOL


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