Sunday, April 19, 2009

Does Mother's Day Sneak Up on You?

Or is it just me?

Mother's Day always seems to sneak up on me. It's the 2nd Sunday in May - May 10th this year. (Just noting that so it's in my head.) When I was in college, I completely forgot about Mother's Day until the Thursday or Friday before. Well, actually, I didn't forget, I just thought I had another week. I was in California, Mom was in Illinois, and there was no way anything was going to get to her in time.

So, did I send (late) mothers day flowers? No, I called my good friend Jeffrey and had him buy a card, sign it for me and leave it for my mom on her chair at church. I thought that was a pretty good solution. Mom wasn't exactly thrilled, but at least I tried!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do this year. E-cards are great for those special occasions that sneak up on you - too bad they didn't have those back in the day! But, since I have a while and I'm thinking about it now, maybe I'll check out the Mother's Day Flowers and Gifts suggestions at Some of these are even available the same day, so if Mother's Day sneaks up on you, you know what to do!


  1. I thought I'd lost the plot then but suddenly realised you're not in England! Our Mother's day is March and I always forget!!

    CJ xx

  2. I never forget Mother's Day. Of course I do have the greatest mother in the whole entire world and I (try to) treat her like everyday is Mother's Day.

    Instead of buying her flowers, I usually offer to go up to her house and help her plant flowers (or do any yardwork she needs help with) :)


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