Thursday, April 30, 2009

He's a Good Man

Charlie BrownImage via Wikipedia

We just got back from the dress rehearsal for Cory's play, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. I helped Jeffrey tape down some cables and test some mics, but things were pretty much set to go. All the kids got into costume and got their mics and then they ran through the performance. Overall, it went pretty well. It's like the whole play is a series of Peanuts comic strips, some longer than others, and some just the typical 4 frames. A lot of it made me laugh.

Jeffrey and I had never seen it, so it was a little tough getting the mics turned on at the right times, since the kids start talking in the dark or talk off-stage or randomly walk onstage while talking. We told Cory that we need his script for the actual performances so we can follow along and be better able to know who's supposed to be talking when. It's either that or leave the mics on all the time...

So, tomorrow night for real and for an audience.