Saturday, April 18, 2009

PayPerPost v4.0 alpha

PayPerPost v4.0 has just been released, and I'm happy to say I got my Alpha key so I can check it out and see how it works. So far I'm pretty excited, and not just because of the spiffy new design.

The part I think I'm going to like best is that I won't have to hang out on the site looking for opps, only to have the good ones snatched away. Sometimes that gets so frustrating! No, with the new version of PayPerPost, there's no more fighting for opps. Instead you get an email:

Good news!

An advertiser fancies your blog and has offered you an opportunity...

The email even tells you the title of the opp and how much the advertiser is offering, and you get three days to write your post and accept the opp.

When you first add your blogs to the new PayPerPost, you get to set the amount you will accept for a link as well as the amount you will accept per word. You also decide disclosure type (In Post, Site-wide, or Either) and link type (Follow, No Follow, or Either) you prefer for your blog. That should mean that the opps you get offered are opps you will be willing to take. If not, you're free to decline them.

I've been reading through the FAQs and finding more things that should be very positive. I especially like that advertisers will have a more hands-on role in the process. Instead of creating an opp that gets released to every blogger in the system that meets certain criteria, the advertisers actually get to choose the blogs they wish to advertise on, from a match-list of blogs supplied by PPP. I'm hoping this means that the bloggers who really take the time to do the research and write a good post for each advertiser will be the ones who get the most offers, as the advertisers see and learn where they get the most value for their money.

Anyway, this post has been sponsored by PayPerPost v4.0 - but they're really only paying me for 100 words, and I went way over that and haven't even said half of what I could. If you'd like an alpha key to check it out for yourself, leave a comment here on the IZEA blog .