Thursday, April 16, 2009

Craziness at the Library

Cory's been on Spring Break from school this week. Mostly that means he's been able to sleep in, and stay up too late at night talking to his Bookworms on Skype, which is why he needs to sleep in. He also volunteered at the library one day, helping with the Wii Bowling for seniors. Our library staff is really good, but when it's time to use technology those teenage volunteers really come in handy!

Later that same evening he had a TLC (Teen Library Council) meeting where I suppose they planned lots of fun teen activities, but mostly it looks like they made a video and took pictures.

I love the video (except for that one part where he said something he shouldn't have and didn't bleep it), and this pic:

He's got some crazy friends. :)


  1. I'd say he fits in well with the craziness...runs in the "jeans".

  2. They look like they really have a great time together! That is SO cool!


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