Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Heads or Tails – Once Upon a Time

The theme/prompt for today, April 21, is:
TAILS - "Once upon a time"

Make a post using the prompt "Once upon a time." It can be a real story or idea that you want to start that way, a fairy tale of your own, etc. (Remember this is TAILS so your post needs to start with "Once upon a time.")

Once upon a time there was a young boy who loved to perform and loved to be the center of attention.  When he was in kindergarten, his class put on a circus performance for their parents.  Some of the kids were clowns, some were tigers, and some tumblers.  But not this little boy.  This little boy was chosen by his teacher, along with a little girl in his class, to be a Ringmaster.

The teacher saw, even back then when this little boy was only 5 years old, that he would be perfectly comfortable standing up in front of all those people and talking.  In fact, both this little boy and his co-ringmaster loved getting up in front of all those people.  They learned all their lines, and they got to use a microphone, which neither one of them actually wanted to give up when it was the other’s turn.  They had a fine time!

As he grew, this little boy continued to love getting up in front of people.  Stage fright was not something he’d ever heard of, much less experienced.  He won the class Interpretive Reading competition several years in a row and got to move on to the larger competition.  He joined Drama Club in middle school, and enjoyed putting on plays.  Unfortunately, in 8th grade, he was sick the day of the performance and didn’t get to participate.  The show went on without him, but of course it wasn’t the same!

When this little boy, no longer so little, entered high school he didn’t get involved in drama right away.  His first play was in the Spring of his sophomore year – The Odd Couple (female version) – and he was hooked!  Fall of his junior year he played Bill Sykes in Oliver, and in a couple weeks he’ll be Linus in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

IMG_0084Also, his junior year of high school, this young man joined the Forensics team – not the CSI kind of forensics, the public speaking kind of forensics.  There are several different categories to choose from in Forensics.  This young man and his partner participated in the Play Acting category with a piece called Open to Interpretation that examined various possible versions of the classic Hansel and Gretel.  The piece is hilarious, and they did a wonderful job – bringing home a 6th place in the State Tournament this past weekend.

Of course you’ve figured it out by now, even before you got to the pictures – this young man is my son Cory, and I’m definitely proud of him!!


  1. Hehe.. I knew it was Cory because I've seen some of your others posts about his wonderful talent. It was nice to hear (read?) how it all started! :)

  2. A great thing to be involved in. It makes people outgoing and confident - a great asset for the future.

  3. A lovely once upon a time. And ever after. Nice post!


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