Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Almost Charlie Brown Time

The play is next weekend - Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday afternoon. And let's not forget the dress rehearsal Thursday night. That means this is going to be a very busy week, and it's started already. Not so much for me, but Cory and Jeffrey went to school yesterday to start getting things set up. The cast was all supposed to be there to get the lights put up, so Jeffrey took all the sound equipment over, too. They hung lights and set up chairs, and he got some of the sound equipment set up, though he couldn't do everything until the lights were focused and all the chairs set up, which can't be done until the lights are focused.

Then, after all that he took Cory and Erich to Home Depot to get stuff to make a tree. The boys spent several hours at Erich's house after that building their tree. Then today they took it to school and stayed after to work on it some more. Play practice was from 6-8 - so Cory walked out of the house at 7:10 this morning and just walked in the door at 8:20 tonight. Jeffrey came home from work, ate a quick dinner, and ran over to the school to hopefully get most of his stuff set up - so I didn't see much of him either. Me, I just stayed home, finished up the laundry, made some sandwiches for lunches tomorrow, and watched Dancing with the Stars. That Ty is so darn cute!

Sorry, I got distracted.

I'm not sure how much more Jeffrey has to do to get the sound system ready to go, but I do know that Cory has play practice the next couple nights and then dress rehearsal and performances. After asking him, it sounds like Jeffrey has everything done as much as he can, so we'll just have to get there early Thursday night for the dress rehearsal to do last minute stuff. And then we'll be there every night... I also have to get something baked for concessions. I'm thinking cupcakes, but it all depends on what I feel like when I actually get to the baking part.

OK, I have to go vote for Ty now.