Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Designing My Own Shirt

I wore my I ♥ NY shirt to the grocery store today. You know the one I mean - they're everywhere on the streets of New York, and everyone who has ever visited New York City probably has one. Well, actually Cory doesn't, but he did get a really cool hat at Nintendo World. Beside the point, I know. The point is, thousands of people are wearing these I ♥ NY shirts.

I wonder if whoever came up with the logo/design is rich? Don't you wish you could come up with some great design that everyone wants? VistaPrint lets you create your own custom t-shirts, and while they may end up for sale on every street corner, it's still really neat to have your very own shirt with your very own design, something that no one else has.

T-shirt prices at VistaPrint start at $4.74 for a short-sleeved shirt right now, and you can upload your own logo/photo/design for just $2.49. Those are some pretty good sale prices. If you don't have your own design to upload, you can browse the designs on VistaPrint to customize one of their templates.

Cory has a really good idea for a t-shirt that he wants designed. I love his idea. Unfortunately the design requires a specific color shirt, which is not available on VistaPrint. They have white, light gray, and black available - all good colors, just not for this specific shirt. No, I can't tell you about his design, because we wouldn't want someone designing it before we do!

Unfortunately, I'm not usually creative enough to come up with my own design ideas, so I like that VistaPrint has so many designs to choose from. Once I find one I like, I can add my own text, change fonts and colors, move things around, and completely customize my shirt. VistaPrint makes it easy, even for people for me who don't know where to start. I know I could get more creative, but I found a really nice design and added my blog URL. It really didn't need much customization because I like it just the way it is - just made the font a little bigger. I think I'm going to have to order a shirt, and I bet no one else will be wearing this one!


  1. I'm definitely going to check this out. Sounds like it might be fun! I'm also going to mention it in my Friday "Things I Learned" post at with a link back here. Thanks for sharing about this!

  2. Thanks for stopping in at my heads or tails.
    I been busy with job and haven't yet got back to those who left comment.

    Maybe I should do a T-Shirt called "I love Bonners Ferry" I wonder how many would say where is Bonners Ferry.

    Coffee is on.


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