Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Wish for a Friend

I'm following Misty on twitter, and she just said that the top thing on her wishlist is a Kindle. Now, being the wonderful friend I am, I really wish I could make her wish come true. What I really wish is that we could both have one of these, loaded up with plenty of Amazon books, of course. The Kindle isn't just for reading books, either - it's for reading blogs, too. It really does look like one of the most amazing things ever, but can I afford to buy one for me and one for Misty? No, not really.

So, Amazon, how about this? You send Misty a Kindle and me a Kindle, and we promise to use them and use them and use them, and then we'll blog about them and tell everyone how much we love them. That sounds like a plan, doesn't it?

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  1. Hey!! i want one too!!! i actually considered buying one--- but $600 was a bit too much. now they are down to about $350--- i am hoping that when the next generation comes out they will have worked out all the bugs and make them a reasonable price--- like mp3 players have become.

    i will blog about them too!!!


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