Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She's Good

Beth called after work tonight. She said the District Manager came in to the store today and she wants Beth to go to all the stores to train people. See, part of everybody's job at Marshall's is to get people to sign up for their Rewards card - yes, it's a credit card, and if you get one, you save money, 10% on the first purchase and then points afterward.

Last month the store Beth works at got 150 people to sign up. Beth got 50 of those herself. So the District Manager would like a Beth in all of her stores and wants Beth to go to all of the stores to demonstrate her techniques - because obviously she's doing something right. And it is kind of cool when someone notices.


  1. how coolis that,,, guess she will not quit that job huh,,

  2. That's my granddaughter!! Tell her I'm proud of her.

  3. Sounds very good and even makes it feel so much better when recognised :)

  4. Great job, Beth! That is impressive! When I worked at Target, getting "red card" sign ups (that was before the Target VISA) was part of our job too. Beth must be a natural salesperson!


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