Thursday, April 02, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday - 10


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Our last day in New York, Sunday, we visited Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate, and the New York skyline looked like this:

But we got to see the Statue of Liberty!

This was the day that the band was supposed to perform on Liberty Island, with the Statue in the background.  Because of the rain, they did not perform.  Even on a perfect day the logistics of getting all the instruments and equipment through security and on and off the ferry would have been quite interesting – to say the least.

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  1. Love all your photos, but that first one is awesome.
    Sorry the weather was bad, but it looks like everyone had some fun.

  2. Even though the weather didn't cooperate, the visit was probably still just as memorable. I've never seen the statue of liberty IRL, so I'd jump at the chance! Some day I'll get to go. 'Till then I'll just enjoy your fabulous photos! Thanks!


  3. I'd have to say that the gray, foggy skies adds a rather interesting background to your shots - especially the first one of the flag. Kind of a spooky sort of look!

  4. AWESOME post, Anna! It was so much fun looking at this - I almost feel like I was there with you.

    Next time, you can take me with you... I'll let ya ;-)

  5. How neat, I like the look that the fog gives :) And that's a great picture of Lady Liberty! :)

  6. Great photos, the foggy sky is so all encompassing. Cool Liberty photo.

    Tabbikat's Thoughts

  7. Lady Liberty is beautiful and you did a great job capturing her


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