Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back to Work

Since Beth is back home, she went looking for a new job.  She was wanting to find something a little closer to home to save on time and gas money.  She put in several applications but hasn't heard from any of the places, so she went last week to fill out her paperwork so she could go back to Marshall's.  They put her to work right away that day, and she's worked practically every day since.  So it's good, she's getting a lot of hours.  She's also working a lot earlier than she has before - 7am, so she's up and out of the house by 6:30, and the kids are having to share the bathroom in the mornings again.  They haven't had to do that since first semester last year when Beth was still in school, and then they didn't have to leave the house until 7:30 or so.

Hopefully they will realize how much they missed her at Marshall's while she was gone, and she'll feel more appreciated there now that she's back.  Whatever her faults may be, she is definitely a good worker, and they're lucky to have her.  She knows how to do anything that needs done in that store and can fill in anywhere.  She may not want to work in retail forever, but she is good at what she does - and she's really good at getting people to sign up for those TJX Rewards cards.  Must be that cute smile and those brown eyes - and her math skills, too.  Not that it takes a lot of math to figure out how much a customer can save on that first purchase - 10% - but some of the cashiers can't even figure that out. 

Anyway, here's hoping the Marshall's experience is more positive than in the past, and we won't have to hear too much whining.